Tom and Jackee Strom

Tom and Jackee Strom are a creative and artistic couple who are originally from the United States but live in Scotland.  While Tom is a tattoo artist by day, they are both passionate painters by night (and every other minute they get).  You can follow Tom Strom on instagram at @tomstrom and Jackee (Sandelands) Strom is @sandelands.  They also have a Facebook page you are invited to like titled "Tom and Jackee Strom".  You can keep up with their daily progression of new projects at either of these social media venues.  If you are interested in any of their work or want to discuss a commission piece, please feel free to reach them under the "Contact Tom and/or Jackee" page on this site.



United Kingdom

All images used in are copyrighted and protected from use without expressed permission from Tom or Jackee strom.